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Training and Consultancy

Practical training on green power system solar, wind power and inverter is carried out on quarterly basis.

This is handled in partnership with our foreign counterpart, mostly from India, Australia and China.

Interested reputable organization and institutions are welcomed and can register online or send email to


Oversea Training and Workshop facility  at Nairobi, Kenya  and         Hands on installation of  Solar Module at a local site


How to select an Inverter

How to select an inverter for a solar system. Covers sine wave, modified sine wave, grid tie, and backup power.

We carry many types, sizes, brands, and models of inverters. Various options are also available. Choosing which one is best from such a long list can be a chore. There is no "best" inverter for all purposes - what might be great for an ambulance would not be suited for an RV. Power output is usually the main factor, but there are many others.

There are many factors that go into selecting the best inverter (and options) for your application, especially when you get into the higher power ranges (800 watts or more). This page should give you the information you need to get your selection down to what will work best for you.   >>> More >>>

Technical Director of Hardware Insight, Engr. Okey Jonathando during one of the training sessions

One of our  Training facilities

The Technical Director with some foreign manufacturers after a training session at Nairobi Kenya recently